finding the right entertainment for your event

finding the right entertainment for your event

Comedians: Helping Our Mental And Physical Health

Michelle Lambert

Most people love to laugh and seek out opportunities to let down their guard and yuk it up with friends or even strangers at a comedy club. The reason is simple: laughing makes you feel good. Humor does more than provide a yuk or two: it improves your physical and mental health. The next time you want some quick therapy, go watch a comedian. 

Mental Benefits

If a comedian makes you laugh, you body will react by releasing more endorphins and dopamine, two substances that improve your mood. Even if the roof is falling in, literally or figuratively, a good laugh will make things seem less dire. Laughing also helps reduce stress. If you are feeling blue and life is looking dark, see if you can watch old clips of Mike Meyers, Seth Rogan, or Catherine O'Hara and laugh away. Doing so can ease your anxiety and depression

Physical Benefits

Laughing actually provides physical exercise. When you laugh, your diaphragm inflates your abdomen and moves your shoulders, relaxing your muscles for up to 45 minutes after you stop laughing. Your breathing gets a good workout as well, and if you have asthma, laughing can improve your condition. The endorphins released also help relieve pain. Your immune system is strengthened, and your body releases T-Killer cells, which help fight off various diseases, including cancer. Laughter can lower your blood pressure while burning calories. A good laugh that lasts for 30 seconds burns as many calories as ten minutes on your treadmill. You may not be able to laugh yourself slim, but you can certainly fight off weight gain by watching a funny movie or a stand-up performance.

Community Benefits

Laughter also helps you bond to others. The oxytocin that is released during a good laugh makes you more open to those around you. Nicknamed the "empathy hormone," oxytocin makes it easier to work with others, which is why more laughter in the workplace can lead to a more productive work day. Laughter spreads. It's one of the few contagious things that you enjoy. 

Comedians are counselors and physicians in their own way. People not only love to laugh; they need to laugh. If you are physically or mentally "under the weather," turn to a comic for some relief from the things that ail you. In a matter of minutes, you will feel happier, be more relaxed, and have lower blood pressure. To learn more about comedians in your area, navigate to a go to site.


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finding the right entertainment for your event

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