finding the right entertainment for your event

finding the right entertainment for your event

  • 3 Tips For Doing Voiceovers On Your Videos

    If you want to do a voiceover for a professional video that you are producing, there are a few tricks that you can employ to make your voice sound as engaging and professional as possible. 1. Figure Out Your Voice Style The first thing that you need to do is find out your style of voice. Every professional voice actor has at least one defining style that they rely on; you need to find your style.

  • Comedians: Helping Our Mental And Physical Health

    Most people love to laugh and seek out opportunities to let down their guard and yuk it up with friends or even strangers at a comedy club. The reason is simple: laughing makes you feel good. Humor does more than provide a yuk or two: it improves your physical and mental health. The next time you want some quick therapy, go watch a comedian.  Mental Benefits If a comedian makes you laugh, you body will react by releasing more endorphins and dopamine, two substances that improve your mood.

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finding the right entertainment for your event

Finding entertainment for any event can be one of the most frustrating parts of the planning process. Knowing that the entertainer that you choose could either make or break the party can put an unearthly amount of stress on you. I have planned several events every year for a number of years, and most of them have been a hit. I created this blog to share my experiences with different forms of entertainment. Hopefully you'll get some good ideas about the entertainment for the events that you are planning without having to go through all of the same troubles that I did.